Contact center training with proven results

Show your reps how to better resolve service issues and uncover new sales opportunities.

Give your staff the skills needed to strike a thoughtful and often difficult balance to take control of the call, instill confidence in the caller, defuse highly emotional situations and leave the customers feeling good about your organization while identifying opportunities to build the relationship further through cross-sell

ServiceMentor Service to Sales shows your reps the eight-step process to resolve the initial service issue and then arms them with ways to uncover and close additional sales opportunities.

ServiceMentor Service to Sales will help your organization to:

  • • Reduce escalated calls by 25% or more
  • • Decrease callbacks by at least 25%
  • • Improve average handle time up to 10 seconds or more
  • • Improve average quality monitoring scores up to 30%
  • • Raise customer satisfaction from 10% to 16%
  • • Improve conversion ratio by 8% to 12%

Learning by doing in a safe environment
ServiceMentor Service to Sales helps your reps develop and reinforce complex sales skills in a simulated, controlled environment away from customers, so they can practice crucial customer service skills and learn from their mistakes.

Easily assess the results
ServiceMentor Service to Sales provides built-in learning measurement systems that direct them through a specific learning path in the training system based on their skill levels, along with regular progress measures to gauge their performance.

A complete solution
ServiceMentor Service to Sales includes everything your organization needs to elevate its customer service and sales including:

  • • Implementation consulting
  • • Performance measurement
  • • Master Coach and Facilitator Certification
  • • Certified IT installation
  • • Support